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ۼ : 11-04-14 11:40
International Symposium for Theranostic Macromolecules
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                             - International Symposium for Theranostic Macromolecules -

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l  Ͻ : 2011 4 7 (14:00~18:00)

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(1) Masayuki Yokoyama(The Jikei University School of Medicine, Japan)

: Theranosis with a polymeric micelle carrier system

(2) Yi Yan Yang(Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Singapore)

: Design and Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers for Drug Delivery

(3) Thmas Laurell(Lund University, Sweden)

: Integration of PSA microarray assays with microchip based whole blood plasmapheresis

(4) Noo Li Jeon(Seoul National University, Korea)

:Microfluidic Tissue EngineeringTowards In-Vitro Model of Vascularized Tissue Constructs

(5) Youngro Byun(Seoul National University, Korea)

:Molecular shielding of genetically engineered pancreatic islets for xenotransplantation

(6) Hamid Ghandehari(University of Utah, USA)

: HPMA copolymer-cyclic RGD Conjugates for Imaging and Targeted Drug Delivery to
 Sites of Tumor Angiogenesis

(7) Jun Wang(University of Science and Technology, China)

: Delivery of siRNA with Polymeric Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy

(8) Sang Yong Jon(Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

: Aptamer-mediated combined cancer imaging and therapy